[MNE 482 – Robotics] (Fall)

Introduction to the various aspects of the mechanics of robotics, its classifications, and terminologies involved. Forward and inverse kinematics of a robot manipulator are treated in detail with the application of homogeneous and Denavit-Hartenberg transformation techniques. The dynamics, control, and programming of a robot manipulator are discussed with associated laboratory work.

[MNE 465 – Electronics and Implementation] (Fall)

This hands-on-oriented course will focus on the implementation of electronics to mechanical systems. It includes in-class lectures and in-class studios/labs three hours per week. The material covers a range of topics essential to the design of products that combine mechanics, electronics, and computation/software. Topics to be covered include digital logic, microcontrollers and their peripherals (ADCs, DACs, communications), sensing, signal conditioning (Fourier transforms, noise, filters), and actuation.

[MNE 466 – Control Systems Design] (Spring)

Introduction to sensors used widely in control systems. Analog and digital control of machines and processes are discussed along with modeling of control system elements and linearization method and its applicability. Both frequency and time domain control design techniques are discussed. Algorithms for computer control and the effect of sampling on stability are developed. Applications of analog control devices and microprocessors are included.