Lab Equipments

List of equipment:

Modular Optical Tweezer System (Thorlabs-OTKB)

  • High-Speed Camera with Fluorescence imaging (Thorlabs- CS505CU)
  • Galvo (SG7220 – x2 SG1105 – x1)
  • Objectives (100x (Plan Fluorite) 50x)
  • Calibration Unit (QPD, Position Aligner)
  • Data Acquisition (NI USB 6211)
  • Fluorescence Microscopy Module (Thorlabs – OTKB-FL)
  • Fluorescence broadband light source (Thorlabs – SLS400)

Micro Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (Jaia Robotics)

  • Ground Station (HUB)
  • Control Tablet (Samsung Galaxy S6)
  • Jaiabots (Quantity- 2)

Industrial Robotic Arm and End Effectors

  • Vacuum Gripper for UR10 CB (Robotiq Epick Vacuum Gripper 2023 S/N U-02402)

  • Robotiq Hand-E Adaptive Gripper

  • Force and Torque Sensor (Robotiq FT 300-S Force Torque Sensor (2022 S/N FTS-13412))

  • Robotiq UR 10 wrist camera

  • 3-Finger adaptable gripper

Fume Hood

  • 50″ Ductless Fume Hood Includes: Model 300 Air Cleaner w/ Variable Speed Controller Containment Hood: 50″W X23.5″D X 24″H (I.D)

Biosafety cabinet for cell culturing (Labonco Purifier Class II Biosafety Cabinet)

  • Labonco Purifier Class II Biosafety Cabinet