Sep. 2023
Welcome Menaka, a new RA!

Mar. 2023
New capital grant from Mass EOE ($82,850 to MSMR).

Jan. 2023
New research grant from ONR-MUST IV ($478,972 for 3 years).

Sep. 2022
Two graduate RA positions available for Spring/Fall 2023.

Jun. 2022
Rafsan successfully presented for his M.S. defense. Congrats to Rafsan!

Jun. 2022
New collaborative research grant from INU, South Korea (KRW 5M to MSMR for 1 year).

May 2022
A paper accepted to Sensors. Rafsan and Liam!

Mar. 2022
New research grant from NSF-IIS ($175,000 for 2 years).

Jan. 2022
A paper accepted to ISMR 2022. Congrats to Jamil and Mishal!

Nov. 2021
Rafsan and Liam won the best paper award in ICFIC 2021. Congrats!

Nov. 2021
Mishal’s review paper has been accepted to Journal of Drug Targeting. Congrats!

Sep. 2021
Welcome three MS students, Jamil, Andrea, and Philip!

Jul. 2021
A paper accepted to ISMR 2021. Congrats to Pratibha!

Jun. 2021
A paper published in Applied Mechanics. Congrats to Rafsan and Liam!

Mar. 2020
A paper accepted to MARSS 2020.

Feb. 2020
Research grant from ONR-MUST program ($400,231 for 3 years).

Jan. 2020
A paper accepted to ISMR 2020.

Dec. 2019
Dr. Park won Aspiring PI Travel Award supported by NSF-SCH

Sep. 2019
2 Graduate Positions Available! (all RA positions filled)

Sep. 2019
MSMR Lab Launched at UMassD!